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Enetec combines thirty years of experience as a manufacturer of components for the heating and cooling industry (e.g. insulation boards, control systems, manifolds) with a young and dynamic engineering team. Thanks to a permanent investment in R&D of new materials and technologies the company has been able to bring many innovative appli-cations and products to the market.

The philosophy of Enetec is to meet the specific requirements of their clients with customised high quality products and solu-tions that are in line with the current market needs and trends of tomorrow.

Based on an advanced innovation management and efficient manufacturing processes Enetec offers full service and customised performance. From personal attention and technical consulting to product development, and special designs for the manufacturing of customer-specific products.


Some facts:

3 production sites
22.000 square meters of production and warehouse area
32 production machines
12 technologies
50 employees
360° production process



E Group - Innovation makers

Plastic molding & plasterboard milling


Plant Bozen (BZ)

EPS production

Plant Verolanuova (BS)


Pipe extrusion

Plant Kleve (Germany)


E Group was created in 2010, encompassing Eurotherm, Enetec, Ecoform and the three business units (Ecoen, Eureca, Eurass). Eurotherm was founded in 1984 on the brilliant insight of Cleto Pezzei and a business partner. Their mission in mind: "Create efficient comfort and ensure year-round indoor comfort and energy savings". For almost 30 years, thanks to the essential contributions made by Christian Pezzei, this commitment has been passionately pursued through the development and diffusion of energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling systems. In the last few years, the company has developed into a group, with several companies operating in very specific fields in different countries.


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Pillhof, 89 | 39057 Frangarto (BZ) | Italy
T +39 0471 051508 | F +39 0471 051509

Molding & Milling 
Pillhof, 89 | 39057 Frangarto (BZ) | Italy
T +39 0471 051508 | F +39 0471 051509

EPS Production
Via IV Novembre, 34
I-25028 Verolanuova (BS) | Italy
T +39 030 933163 | F +39 030 9923998

International sales
Kalkarer Str. 81 - Halle 26 | D-47533 Kleve
T +49 2821 89880‑0 
Kalkarer Str. 81 - Halle 26 | D-47533 Kleve