Mold design & production

The accurate and precise mold technology can make the difference in cost and time to market for your product. For the thermoforming, eps molding, and plastic molding technologies, we have our own tooling department in house. This will not only enable us to be fast and have a better cost controlling, but involving the mold design in the early stage of product development, will help to reduce many critic points during the whole development process. Our engineers are continually trained and can help you in the mold development using the latest technologies and materials on the market. The knowledge we have developed is imperative to building a mold that will not only produce a quality part once, but can maintain that same quality throughout many production runs.

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Molding & Milling 
Pillhof, 89 | 39057 Frangarto (BZ) | Italy
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EPS Production
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International sales
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Kalkarer Str. 81 - Halle 26 | D-47533 Kleve