Plastic molding

We provides the one-stop service including design and development, mold fabrication, production, products processing etc.

We have our own in-house tooling department, equipped with a full range of specialized machineries, including CNC, grinding and milling machines.

Our engineering staff is here to help you not only design your part for best molding practices but also decide the most economical way to prototype. We offer four different solutions to suit your plastic prototyping needs.

Our toolmakers have extensive knowledge and experience with the injection molding process. Since we only build injection molds, fixtures, and machined plastic parts; our personnel can concentrate on this industry. The knowledge we have developed is imperative to building a mold that will not only produce a quality part once, but can maintain that same quality throughout many production runs.


Before the process of tooling starts, it is always advised to make a prototype of the finished product. For this, we have our own 3d printer in house, which allows us to make very precise functional 3d ABS parts, by overlaying single sheets of material. The finished Prototype can be already tested in his main functions, and assembled with other parts to have a quick feedback before starting with the mold tooling.
Our tooling department creates specific molds for the needed application. After the product definition, a specific mold project will be created and analyzed. The process of tooling starts from a normalized Steel Plate, which will be milled on our machines, and finished by electrical discharge machining (EDM) for the fine and small parts. After the assembling of the tools we are ready to test the mold on our own machines.
Plastic injection molding
Plastic injection molding
In the injection molding we are able to use different materials such as ABS, PE, PP, etc., working on different machines. Our 100t and 300t allows us to mold from very small products up to 200x200mm. This gives us a high flexibility in injection molding and the possibility to follow the needs of our clients.

Injection moulding

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