Radiant components

Enetec combines thirty years of experience as a manufacturer of components for the heating and cooling industry (e.g. insulation boards, control systems, manifolds) with a young and dynamic engineering team. Thanks to a permanent investment in R&D of new materials and technologies the company has been able to bring many innovative appli-cations and products to the market.


Nob boards

Thermoformed nob boards are manufactured according to an innovative design that provides the coupling of two different elements: expanded polystyrene insulation board and thermoformed PST surface coating film with 0.6÷1 mm thickness. Thanks to the characteristics of these elements, their coupling allows to obtain a board whose impact resistance is extremely higher than that of boards with higher density. A full-automatic thermoforming production line guarantees maximum flexibility and different customisations.

  • Pre-formed insulation panels are equipped with a very easy and effective coupling system
  • High resistance and quick laying

Preformed insulation boards are coupled to a special 0,16 ÷ 0,18 mm film. This additional thickness allows to obtain excellent mechanical resistance of the shaped nobs, making laying operations easy and safe. The shape of the nobs makes it possible to lay the pipe preventing almost any springback that may occur where the direction changes and clips are generally used.

  • Joined with a special protection layer in polystyrene (PS)
  • Solid and precise housing for the radiant circuits
  • Laying of the radiant circuits without using fixing clips


Plane boards

As a components supplier, Enetec develops, produces and sells boards for top-quality radiant floor heating systems - the ideal insulation for every type of flooring. The finishing process of underfoor heating boards permit to laminate the insulation board with sheets and foils of different materials.




Grid foil
Grid foil
The boards are laminated with high tear-resistance fabric-reinforced foil made of polyethylene with printed grid spacing 50mm. By high-quality requirements we offer aluminised high tear-resistance fabric-reinforced foil which gives the system an excellent finish.

The Panel is covered by a self-adhesive tear- and waterproof overlapping foil with printed grid according to DIN 18560 and DIN EN 1264. The overlapping can also be self adhesive to facilitate the joining of the boards at the installation side.


Ceiling systems

Revolutionary ceiling system
Revolutionary ceiling system

The ceiling radiant system enables the development of a ceiling radiating system, for multiple uses. 
This system consists of modular plasterboard panels with pipes already included and arranged in a coil, with a twisting design in order to maximise the exchange surfaces between pipes and plasterboard. 
The plasterboard panel is coupled with a polystyrene foam insulating sheet.

Special fittings without O-Ring
Certified EN 14037-5, EN 14240 (WSP lab)
High cooling performance

Acoustic ceiling system
Acoustic ceiling system

The acoustic plasterboard ceiling enables the development of a ceiling radiant system for multiple uses. 
Two coupled 12,5 mm perforated plasterboards with pipes already included guarantee a high acoustic performance.
The ceiling elements consist of two perforated gypsum plasterboard pabels glued together, where the hole pattern is arranged one on top of the other.

Excellent acoustic absorption
Continuous perforations
Seamless appearance


Edge strips

Closed-cell expanded polyethylene insulation edge strip, with different thicknesses and heights, required for allowing the proper floating floor expansion in accordance with EN 1264-4 standard. It is equipped with a self-adhesive strip on one side and coupled film on the other in order to avoid any concrete infiltration between frame and board. It also prevents acoustic and thermal bridges.


PE-RT 5-layer-pipe

Enetec pipes are especially developed according customer needs demanding highly flexible pipes with extraordinary long term resistance. Due to the very long experience of Enetec employees extruding pipes for more than 25 years, we are very pleased being a trustable and experienced producer for our partners. The integration of our superb working experience combined with the state-of-the-art extrusiontechnology we grant our partners a perfect quality of extruded pipes. At our plant in Kleve-Germany, in the region of the beautiful lower-rhine, we are focused on extrusion-technology. Our partners appreciate the spread of production technologies, Enetec can support.





Manifold Wave Line
Manifold Wave Line

Preassembled modular output/return manifold in reinforced polyamide. Ready for mounting the electro-thermal heads on every circuit. 1” 1/4 GAS. 

Components: manual shut-off valves, micrometric flow regulator, circuit capacity meter, inlet/discharge valves, breather pipes, output and return thermometers, offset brackets



Manifold Serie SF
Manifold Serie SF

Nickel plated brass manifold of 1” Series S and SF completed with 2 manual valves for each circuit (EN 1264-4), a drain plug, air vent, ending fittings, brackets to fix the manifold to the wall or into a cabinet. It‘s prepared for installation of thermoelectric heads for each circuit.

Components: 2 manual valves, drain plug, air vent, ending fittings, micrometric flow regulator, brackets to fix the manifold to the wall or into a cabinet



Through the MyComfort system with coordinated and integrated cutting-edge tools you can manage and control in one solution: heating + cooling + air exchange

Like in a perfect team game, the MyControl display works thanks to an “new generation electronic brain” (MyBase), placed in the distribution box or in a powerboard. The Mybase receives pulses and selective informations from a number of temperature/humidity sensors connected via bus called Mypoint, placed in each room. The full integration with Ecoclima DCA air machine, in cooling function, helps to maintain the humidity control and ensures the air exchange.

Command Mix Wave
Command Mix Wave

Command mix is a climate control system equipped with a 3-way mixing valve, designed for adjusting the heat supply to the building‘s heating requirements and guaranteeing optimal performance in terms of comfort.

Components: variable speed electronic circulation pump (energy efficiency EEI <0.27), 3-way mixing valve, actuator, safety thermostat, electronic delaying device

Flow characteristic of the mixing valve: Kv=4,5


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