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eps nob board


Thermoformed nob boards


A full-automatic thermoforming production line guarantees maximum flexibility and different customizations.​

From nob boards with graphite-modified polystyrene (EPS) with improved thermal conductivity for lower installation heights, to acoustic solutions, to self-adhesive thin-layer elements especially for renovation.

All solutions offer waste-free installation thanks to the “nob on nob” principle and absolutely secure hold of the heating pipe thanks to the nob design.


  • Pipe dimensions: 10 to 12 mm or 14 to 18 mm

  • Different nob shapes

  • EPS with or without graphite

  • Different kPa density and thickness

produzione lastre eps
Eps flat board

Hot-melt flat boards

As a components supplier, Enetec develops and produces boards for top-quality radiant floor heating systems – the ideal insulation for every type of flooring. The finishing process of underfloor heating boards permit to laminate the insulation board with sheets and foils of different materials.


  • Processed in rolls or flat boards

  • High performance acoustic boards

  • Different EPS insulations

  • Innovative Klett foil solutions

  • Customised foil colour and shapes

Skinned boards

Preformed insulation boards are coupled to a special 0,16  mm film. This additional thickness allows to obtain excellent mechanical resistance of the shaped nobs, making laying operations easy and safe. The shape of the nobs makes it possible to lay the pipe preventing almost any springback that may occur where the direction changes and clips are generally used.

  • Secure and tight hook seam connection enables the use of self-levelling screed 

  • High surface strength due to foil lamination

  • Laying of the radiant circuits without using fixing clips

  • Different nob shapes

  • EPS with or without graphite

  • Different kPa density and thickness

skinned boards
Elia Vicentini


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We love EPS.

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