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Pipe extrusion


PE-RT 5-layer-pipes

The integration of our superb working experience combined with the state-of-the-art extrusion technology we grant our partners a perfect quality of extruded pipes.



Enetec extrude pipes made of PE-RT according the relevant standards ISO22391, ISO24033, ISO21003. In addition the national guidelines BRL 5602 and BRL 5607. Production and product surveillance by Institute KIWA N.V. and Sueddeutsche Kunsstoffzentrum Wuerzburg, SKZ.

The pipes meet the ISO 10508 standard class 4, underfloor-heating and class 5, radiator connection.

quality labels
Pipe extrusion
Inhouse laboratory

Inhouse laboratory


Enetec has its own laboratory with professional equipment to carry out constant quality controls.

The quality of the pipes is a cornerstone of the company's philosophy and the basis for further development and research for new challenges.

OEM pipe customisation

  • Different diameters: pipes from diameters 8 mm up to 32 mm 

  • Stripe colour: 5 layer pipes with integrated stripe for better differentiation

  • Different wall thickness: depending on outer diameter from 1 mm up to 4 mm 

  • Intermediate binding: according to customer needs we bind the coils in between the coil length

  • Coil-length: from 50 meter up to 2.000 meter we produce customised length

  • Packaging: card board boxes, PE-film, one-way decoiler customised length

  • Pipe colour: we produce your pipe according your idea of colouring the outer layer

  • Marking: different colours with branded name and customer logo

pipe decoiler

Your perfect assistant


The Enetec pipe decoiler facilitates fitter’s work while installing the ENEFLEX® underfloor heating pipe. It allows you hassle-free installation and requires only one person to operate.

Thanks to its unique design, the Enetec pipe decoiler offers decoiling from the inner side as well as decoiling from the outer side. Feeding the pipe through the eyelet, grants you installation free of twists.

The ENEFLEX® decoiler is your perfect assistant installing pipes economically and human-engineered.

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